Tuesday, March 28, 2023

On the Edge (2023) CPH:DOX

ON THE EDGE is a great film. An observational documentary it follows a doctor named Jamal as he makes his rounds at the understaffed Paris hospital he works at. Jamalis the only psychiatrist on staff and since the hospital doesn’t have a psyche ward people are not being treated as they should.

Going into the film I wasn’t sure what I was going to make of the film. The film doesn’t begin with Jamal but with another doctor who does he rounds insisting that Jamal will be there shortly. Eventually Jamal shows up and we watch as he does what he can to help the people in his care.

This is an emotional trip. It’s a film that slowly gets under your skin and packs a big punch on the end. It’s desperate plea for proper staffing of hospitals with good people since we see what Jamal accomplishes, but at a great cost to his soul. We see the toll being the only guy is taking on his psyche.

I was moved.

I was so moved that when the film was done I mentioned the film to several friends who work in hospitals and with people with mental issues since what I was seeing in this film mirrored some of the stories I had been told.

A vital and important film ON THE EDGE is recommended

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