Monday, March 13, 2023

This World is Not My Own (2023) SXSW 2023

THIS WORLD IS NOT MY OWN Portrait of artist Nellie Mae Rowe whose work was created across the 20th century and was influenced by all the events happening around her from the civil rights and political movements, war, serial killers and life in general. 

 I love this story but I’m not in love with the presentation. I found the arc of Rowe’s life absolutely fascinating. There is so much here, the life lived that went in unexpected directions that I was riveted by the tale. 

On the other hand I didn’t particularly like the presentation. There was something about some of the recreations and the structure that didn’t work for me. It felt like the film was trying too hard to make something out of a story that was fine and could stand on it’s own two feet. 

 Worth a look for the story and the art.

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