Monday, March 27, 2023

POUNDCAKE (2023) Make Believe Seattle

Onur Turkel returns with the story of a serial killer wandering the streets and subway platforms of Brooklyn.

POUNDCAKE is being listed in the promo material as a slasher film, except it not really. Aside from the fact that the killer carries a chain, the sequences are done more for humor than scares, which to my mind removes any thoughts of horror.

Turkel’s films are an acquired taste. You either go with his off kilter look at the lives of hipsters in NYC or you don’t. I find his films frustrating with great bits being hampered by nonsense.

The nonsense overwhelms any good stuff here. Nominally the story of a serial killer, the film bogs down in to the lives of various hipsters and podcasters. I know that this is supposed to be a humorous but to me the humor is forced, and while I laughed at some of it Turkel tends to push the point past the point of being funny, or is simply making jokes that are uncomfortable just because. More often than not I found myself questioning why Turkel  was showing us the thing he’s showing or making the jokes he is. 

I know that makes me sound like a stick in the mud, but I’m not. I don’t mind stupid jokes or being poked in the cinematic eye, but I want to know that there is something there, even if its that there is no point. Turkel always seems to be trying to make a point of some kind, but from my POV he’s always missing the mark because there is too much nonsense around his themes.

For fans of the director only

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