Saturday, March 18, 2023


Please help CHESSBOXER get made.

Albin Pepe is friend of mine is trying to get his project CHESSBOXER made and he needs some financial help to get it done the way it should be done.

I see your eyes glazing over- actually what I’m seeing you wondering what the hell the title means. I’ll explain. Chessboxing is a sport where players alternate rounds of chess and boxing. You win by getting a knockout or checkmate. Here’s the wikipage

The film is getting traction in the Chess Boxing community and one of the champion Chess Boxers. One of the champions Mat Thomas, is involved with the production and will be appearing in the film.

I know you get a lot of requests to help films but this one is worth it, It’s going to be great.

And if you want to know if Albin can do it consider that the films he’s worked on have played in festivals around the world.

Every little bit helps so please give.

Details on how and more details on the film can be found here

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