Friday, March 31, 2023

Raised Up West Side (2022)

Where the news is filled with short sensational pieces about the shooting and terrible thing happening, RAISED UP WEST SIDE is a good alternate look at life on the West Side of Chicago. The film is a hopeful look at people who are trying not to be a statistic and beat the odds.

Focusing on the people fighting the segregation, food insecurity, and mass incarceration that is rampant in the neighborhood, the film paints a picture of a city that is suffering from a lack of funds but not a lack of heart. The people we meet are not the bad guys that the media says inhabit the city, but instead people trying to make a difference and change their lives for the better. For many, the past is the past and they are looking for a brighter future.

I was moved.

Definitely worth a look, more so if you are tired of the media spinning it all as place of death and destruction.

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