Thursday, March 2, 2023

The Park (2022)

After a disease kills anyone who has passed through puberty the surviving kids fight for survival around an abandon amusement park.

Okay dystopian thriller plays more like cross between Lord of the Flies and Battle Royal but for tweens who love the inoffensive Scholastic YA novels. Its an entertaining but strangely bloodless (both figuratively and literally) affair that feels like the first episode of a busted TV series.

While the cast is fine the rest of it is uneven. The plotting doesn't completely make sense, the world and characters are weirdly  too clean and shows signs of being a writers idea of the apocalypse. It's half thought out to the point where if you actually think about things it all falls apart.

There was a point where I just said "to hell with it", threw up my hands and went with it. Watching it on it's own terms I was entertained for 75 minutes. It's not high art but it is amusing. If I was ten this would have been kick ass.

Worth a look if you can get in touch with your inner 10 year old.

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