Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Gods Of Mexico (2022)


GODS OF MEXICO must be seen on a big screen. Full of stunning image after stunning image this is one of the most visual arresting films of the year.

The film is a portrait of various regions of Mexico. It is told via sound and image, and I don't remember any dialog. It is told in the form of a visual essay with images both real and surreal, color and black and white.

You will forgive me if I keep my comments brief but GODS OF MEXICO is not a film easily described. It is a film that you must experience for yourself since it is a film that is pure emotion and visceral reaction. This is a film you watch and listen to, allowing it to wash over you and trigger your endorphins and centers of wide eyed wonder. Words don't enter into it since the place you end up when the end credits roll is a place beyond them.

This is a magnificent film you must see big and loud.

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