Thursday, March 16, 2023

Are You Lonesome Tonight (2021)

This moody modern Chinese film noir skirts the line of form over content but always remains compelling.

The film is a recounting of a prisoner explaining how he got locked up. It seems that late one night he ran someone over in the street. Deciding to cover it up he hides the body, but this causes complications as he becomes involved with the widow of the dead man, who is being pressured by some bad men to settle her husband's affairs. But nothing is as it seems.

An overly convoluted plot is compensated for by some expert filmmaking as the tropes of noir are used to fill in the blanks or smooth over the bits that don't make sense. Frankly I don't know if I understand it all, but I really don't care because I really enjoyed the ride. In all seriousness. this is a really cool crime drama that grabs you early and drags you to the finish. When the plot confuses the set pieces or great noirish dialog save the day.

I had a grand time, even if I'm not sure of all of the little bits.


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