Friday, March 3, 2023

Blueback (2022)

When ocean researcher -Abby gets word that her mother has had a stroke she races home to be with her. It also sets her remembering back to her younger days when her mother instilled a love of the ocean and nature into her.

If you’re coming to Blueback for Mia Wasikowska you should be warned that most of the film is made up of the series of flashbacks showing the younger version of her character learning about the ocean and fighting to save it. There is nothing wrong with it, but I’m mentioning it because Wasikowska  is the big star of the film so I don’t want anyone thinking they are getting her for two hours.

The film itself is a beautiful film that is crazily in love with the ocean. It’s a film that takes every opportunity to express either the wonders of the ocean via beautiful images or to rally us to do everything we can to save the water. It’s a sentiment that comes from an heartfelt place but it doesn’t always dramatically. The film stops now and again for a lecture.

I like the film but the lecturing kept me from loving it.

Worth a shot if you are interested.

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