Monday, March 6, 2023

Ghost Town (2023)

Ghost Town is a surprising horror western. It’s not a film about gunslingers but about life in a small town and ghosts. It’s a surprisingly good change of pace.

The plot of the film has a drifter ending up in a town kind of in the middle of nowhere. Looking for a job he ends up getting a job in the local saloon. Things slowly begin to get weird and frightening.

I had a good time with Ghost Town. In an age where we get endless horror films that are all copies of each other, Ghost Town stands out. By setting things in the old west the film can’t take all the expected paths. As a result the film makes us sit up and take notice. We genuinely wonder where it’s going to go. It’s refreshing not to have the same old thoughts while watching a horror film concerning the plot. To be certain the film does hit some expected notes, but at the same time there is enough here to keep you watching.

While the end isn’t perfect, the film is still interesting enough that it’s worth seeing.

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