Monday, March 27, 2023

Overlook Film Festival Curtain Raiser

The Overlook Film Festival starts this week and we are better for it. 

One of the great genre festivals of the year this year it has two coups book ending the festival with the World Premiere of Renfield opening the fest and an early screening of the new Evil Dead film closing the festivities. In between there will be films, Podcasts, Parties, Music, Magic, Live Shows, Immersive Theater pieces and more films. It's a wild time in New Orleans.

I'm wading into the fray as this posts so expect lots of coverage along the way.

And having seen a good number of films I highly recommend you just jump and buy as many tickets as you can manage because it's pretty much all good. And that includes shorts-they shorts are rocking this year.

Four films are playing at other festivals this past weekend and next. All four kick serious ass and are going to be some of the best films you see all year. I highly recommend the quartet (click on the title to get taken to the full reviews).


The festival is running some oldies and I recommend them as well

DEAD ZONE-David Cronenberg does Stephen King with Christopher Walken in the lead. It's atypical Cronenberg in that it's a mainstream film

MATINEE-Joe Dante's nostalgic tale of showman John Goodman having a preview screening of his new film called MANT. Set during the Cuban Missile Crisis it's a look at film over a half century ago.

TINGLER-William Castle (the inspiration for Goodman's character in MATINEE) classic about the creature that makes us feel afraid. When it was originally screened the seats were wired to shock the audience.

THE LODGER- Alfred Hitchcock's tale of Jack the Ripper. It's the closest Hitch ever got to making a full on horror film.

And there are tons of other films which I will be reviewing as soon as I can sit down and write them up.

Do yourself a favor and buy tickets (Including the shorts collections there are some truly great shorts).  Details can be found here.

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