Monday, March 13, 2023



Fifteen minutes into MAX ROACH THE DRUM ALSO WALTZES I realized I was going to have to see the film again. The reason is this  biography of the great jazz drummer is so full of music and information that I was kind of overwhelmed. I thought I had a handle on Jazz however this film just gave so much more to ponder and enjoy.

This film is a long time in coming. It was begun before Roach had died when the filmmakers began to do interviews with Roach. Things paused when Roach died and was only recently put together., The result is a film that let’s us into the life of the man and in his music in a way that few films ever manage to do.

This is a great film. Its a must see for fans of the man himself or anyone who wants to understand more about music of all types. I say this because Roach worked in all types of music. Yes, he started in jazz but his curiosity and friends pulled him into other directions.

I was floored by this film. No just because it filled in details of Roach's life and legacy, but because in doing so I came to understand how certain types of music worked.

Forgive me for being brief,  but to truly do this film justice I would have to see it a couple more times. As I said at the top, there is simply too much here to take in and process. As such this is a truly amazing piece of filmmaking.

Highly recommended

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