Saturday, March 11, 2023

Molli and Max In The Future (2023) SXSW 2023

In the future a man and a woman cross each others path over 12 years and multiple planets and dimensions.

I'm not a fan of this film.

This is a version of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY set in future rewritten by a much too clever for words hipster. Its a romance between people that we only see in inde movies because they only exist in the mind of inde filmmakers. Its the sort of a romcom that is usually makes a wave or two on the festival circuit before disappearing. I fully expect it to play a few fests and then get totally lost.

While the film isn't "bad" it isn't really good either. 

The science fiction elements feel more like the work of someone using the trope just to make it different, rather than it needing to be science fiction Worse it's the sort of science fiction that has been cribbed from other better films.  In a way it's there just so some of the secondary characters can appear and tell a witty line or two or to spoof certain scifi films. 

The biggest the main characters are not well written with Zosia Mamet's character seemingly lifted and stitched together from several other similar roles she's played before and  Aristotle Athari's Max barely registering.  We really don't know why they are together.

After a while I wasn't sure why I was watching. I'm not sure you should bother either.

A miss.

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