Thursday, March 16, 2023

Silent Love (2022) First Look Festival 2023

SILENT LOVE tells the story of a 35 year old woman who steps into raise her teenaged brother after their mother passes away.  Because she lives in a small conservative town in Poland she does not let anyone know that is currently in a relationship with another woman.

Observational documentary is a wonderful portrait of a trio of people trying to put together a family of their own. This is a film where we get to watch a bunch of friends go through their days.  I like how the film makes us feel as though we actually belong there. Too often in observational documentaries there is a sense of things happening but where everyone is aware of the camera. While there are a couple of times where this happens, most of the time this feels as though we are just in the room with friends. We belong with them.

While the trio at the center of the film experiences ups and downs, the one constant is the love everyone feels for each other. You feel the love bleed off the screen and it deepens our connection to what we are seeing.

While never big and loud, this film is far from silent. It is in fact a small powerhouse of film that will make you connect with humanity.


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