Friday, June 7, 2024

BITTERROOT (2024) Tribeca 2024

This is exactly the sort of small film that is going to get lost at Tribeca. A deliberately paced film with lots of silences it's a film that i it it isn't for everyone, but for those who click with it it will be a life long friend.

Set in Missoula, Montana the film follows a Hmong American man. His marriage has collapsed and he mostly wants to be alone. He is caring for his mom, who wishes he would find a nice girl and settle down again.

A quiet entry in (good) slow cinema BITTERROOT is a film where we  must engage with what is happening. There are silences and lots of moments where what is not said or how someone moves speaks volumes. This is a film where the answers are not given to us and where, sometimes there actually are no answers. This is really just a series of moments in time. When the film ended I wanted to see what happened next. There is an inference of where it goes, but one never knows.

Basically this is just life. If you are good with that you are going to love it. If not its a tough slog. That isn't a knock only a statement to help the film try and find it's audience. That was the reason I mentioned this in the curtain raiser - this is not for everyone, but a select group who will connect with its meditation of life.

If you think you'll click with it buy a ticket and go.

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