Friday, June 7, 2024

Driver (2024) Tribeca 2024

Portrait of Desiree Wood and some of her fellow female truck drivers as they travel across America trying to make a living doing what they love.

This is an observational portrait of the women and life on the road. It's a film that strives very hard to show us what it's like to be a truck driver. It a frequently compelling piece of filmmaking.

The problem for me is that there are times when the film isn't as compelling as it should be. There are long sections of the country going by. While it is a representation of what it's like to travel cross country, there is a point I disengaged. 

It doesn't help that some of the conversations make me wonder why they were chosen. There is a strong leaning toward the women not particularly liking men, which considering what happened to some of them makes perfect sense. However from the first conversation in the film where Wood explains why she won't look in people's cars while she drives, on to the end there seems to be very poor view of all men that seems not to becoming just from Wood and the other drivers but the filmmakers as well. It didn't hit me until I was looking back on my notes and found several notations. It's odd since the film is largely devoid of any males. I completely understand the why and how it's there, but I think it works against the film .

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