Sunday, June 9, 2024


This is a portrait of the the men and women in Afghanistan who took up skiing after  the Taliban were removed by American forces. The film also deals with their lives in exile that resulted when the Taliban returned.

Another great Tribeca sports film. I say  another because every year that I've attended the Tribeca film Festival (this is my 15th) I have found all of the sports documentaries that they have programmed were some of the best films of the fest and of year.

The film is centered around Afghan Olympic hopeful Alishah Farhang who established Afghanistan’bitts first ever ski club and the annual Afghan Ski Challenge in the town of Bamyan. Over the course of the film we meet the skiiers while learning about how skiing came to Afghanistan. 

A bittersweet film, the film shows us something that brought great joy a nation. I never knew the history of skiing in Afghanistan. Honestly I never thought much of it, but seeing this film was a wonderful "ah ha" moment.  It was also a bit sad because it's clear that the Taliban have no sense of fun.

I really liked this film a great deal. I know that isn't the best review, but this film is good time with good people. It's a film that will make you hope that one day they will be allowed to Bamyan for another ski competition.


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