Sunday, June 9, 2024

Hongfu Hotel (2024) Tribeca 2024

Father and son prepare to walk away from their hotel and the ghosts that live there.

Hands down one of the very best films of 2024. This is maybe one of the absolute best ghost stories ever made. It's a stunning film that says more about life than most feature films.

All hail Tian Xu, who along with everyone connected with this film has made a glorious film full of life and hope.  What wonders will he turn out next? I don't know but sign me up and let me buy the first ticket.

Set in NYC's Chinatown this film has a tactile quality. Having spent too much time in off the beaten path places in Chinatown I could feel the hotel and the rain soaked street. I've been there. I know this place without ever being there. 

The story itself kicked me in the ass and had me quietly sobbing for an hour or so after seeing it. I couldn't write on the film until the next day. All I could do was fire off emails to friends who I knew would love the film.

The film is being described as a horror film in the promotional genre listing, but the film isn't one. Yes there are ghosts, but they aren't really scary. They are just residents of the hotel.

Exploring the things in our life that change and those that hang around the film speaks volumes about the things we collect and the importance of the people in our lives. Why do we keep some people around, even if they once hurt us? What does it take for us to move on? There is a great deal to unpack here.

I was rocked. The final images of the film moved me deeply, with one that is probably going to haunt me forever

I can not tell you how good this film is.

If you just let this movie show you its wonders on its own terms I think you will find this to be one of the absolute best films you will see all year. Highly recommended

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