Monday, June 10, 2024

Living Large (2024)Annecy 2024

LIVING LARGE is one of the best films of 2024. It is one of the best films about growing up and being fat and trying to survive with friends I have ever seen. It’s a film that is so emotionally right that I was sobbing from  finally seeing my life on the screen.

This film is just glorious.

The film is the story of 12 year old Benny. His parents are divorced, puberty hit and he started to gain weight. He loves to cook and he loves to make music with his friends. As he gains weight the people around him try to help him lose weight, but it’s tough.

This film just works from top to bottom. It’s got great characters, fantastic music and sense of life that sucks you in. It’s a film that caught me unaware. I say this because it started and I wasn’t certain it was going to be my cup of tea, then the song began and I warmed up, and then Benny said “We’re at the age where when we get thrown out of the play ground we have no where to go.” And I fell head ove heels in love with the wisdom.

This is just a great film and it kills me because it isn’t Disney or Pixar or from Japan and as a result it may get lost in America and other parts of the world. People don’t gravitate toward films like this and it’s a sin. This film is light years beyond what Disney and Pixar is doing. It packs a punch that goes in your gut and stays there.

I Absolutely love this film

A must see.

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