Sunday, October 25, 2015

In Brief: The London Firm (2015)

THE LONDON FIRM which hits DVD, iTunes and VOD Platforms in the UK on Monday October 26th  and is a twisty film about two hit men hired by a client to travel with him and keep him safe. While traveling in the back of a truck, the three men all pass out. When the hit men wake up they find their client dead, the truck still moving and the situation uncertain.

This is the sort of film that is really difficult to really write about. Told out of order and jumping through time saying too much will potentially ruin the fun of the film-that said there are a couple of things I do think you should know.

This is a solid, if B level, crime film. It is not quite the slam bang action film that one might have hoped for based on the above poster with three men with guns, but it does what it does nicely in it's allotted 80 or so minutes.  While the film is more talk than action it does manage to keep enough of a mystery going, thanks in part to the jumbled telling, that you will want to see where it's all going.

If there is any real flaw in the film its that the film is a bit too mysterious for it's own good. What I mean by that is that almost none of the characters have names, the leads are called A and B another is called The Contractor, and one of the plot points is more MacGuffin than solid item. The looping plot is sometimes a bit too obtuse.

At the same time the film manages to hook you early and drag you along kicking and screaming straight on to the end. Hell I was up until well after 2am watching the film because I really wanted to see how it all came out. Would I watch it a second time? Probably not, but I will most definitely be recommending it as a good little film for anyone who wants to see something that is decidedly different than what we largely get from Hollywood and it's studios.

THE LONDON FIRM is something to try when it hits home video if you want to try something a little different.

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