Friday, October 30, 2015

Mexico Barbaro (2014)

Eight part horror anthology from Mexico has eight directors banding together in order to tell a series of gruesome tales.

While all but one of the films look good and all have intriguing premises none of them really work well enough to really generate any scares.There is tension but no real payoff. The result is a film that will haunt you visually but which you'll ever be hard pressed to watch a second time except to see the visuals. If only the directors had better scripts this might have been a truly scary film, now it just sort of is.

The worst part is that it isn't a bad film, it just isn't a scary one.

Recommended for horror fans and for those who want to see some really gory horror violence

A journalist talks to a member of a drug gang about the bizarre rituals they commit in order to make sure that all they do goes well. It's a short tale with a gotacha ending.

JARAL DE BARRIOS- fleeing robbers pick the wrong place to hide out. Its a great looking piece with some scary images but over all it's too long  for what it is and it never really is scary.

DRENA (Drain)
A girl must drain her sister's vagina of blood or else have her soul sucked out her anus. While the final images are disturbing  it leaves you more wondering WTF was that.

LA COSA MAS PRECIADA (That precious thing)
A couple staying at an out of the way motel are meanced by evil trolls looking to take Valeria's virginity. This would have worked but the doofy looking trolls and eye rolling by the actress kind of does it in.

LO QUE IMPORTA ES LO DE ADENTRO (It's whats inside that matters)
A young girl realizes that the homeless guy outside their building is up to no good. Incredibly gory but not much else.

What is the terrible secret of the dolls in the swamp.

SIETE VECES SIETE (seven times seven)
A man steals a body in order to bring it back to life... a tale from the PET SEMETARY sub gere

On the day of the dead a strip club full of abused women gets revenge on their abusers. Great looking and very bloody but rather one note.

MEXICO BARBARO hits US DVD and VOD on Tuesday

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