Sunday, October 25, 2015

Horror Network (2015)

Trust me the DVD cover does not do this film  justice

HORROR NETWORK is probably the best horror anthology of the last few years. Its one of the very few anthologies that works from top to bottom and start to finish. Its an ugly punch in the face and poke in the eye. Its so good that I can't recommend it enough.

Made up of five short films this film will curl your toes and straighten your hair. Its's a disturbing trip to the dark side.  Its so good that I want a sequel. Its so good that I'm not going to talk too much about the stories- I'm just going to tell you a little bit in order to get you to see this kick ass film...

3AM concerns a woman who keeps getting woken up by  calls at 3am.  When the woman decides to stay up to the appointed time- things get ugly. Creepy as all hell this film builds a glorious sense of tension. While I normally don't like films that rely on the manipulation of sound to produce effect, 3AM uses it for more than just jump scares, here the soundscape is a vital part of creating a mood. Its awesome and leaves you unnerved.

EDWARD is the longest of the stories. What begins as a movie obsessed patient talking to his therapist, turns slowly into something else. I thought it was going to be a a long talky film, instead it becomes something else. Yea there's a lot of talk but it creates one hell of a mood and leaves you chilled.

THE QUIET has a young deaf girl getting off her school bus and walking home when her mother doesn't show up. She soon ends up in a cat and mouse game with a man in a blue van. While the film seems to cover similar ground  of other stalking films where it goes and how it plays out is something special and flips things.

MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS - I don't know. consider it a kind of hellish trip into the psyche of three people. Its a fucked up gory little nightmare that is like being trapped in hell. I saw it but I'm not sure what happens and to be completely honest I don't ever want to go back. ...well I do, if only to get past the gut visceral gut punch and understand what is really going on.  Emotion over rode reason and I want to get back to reason.

DEVIANT ONE is the story of two neighbors' interaction. Short and sweet punctuated by biblical verse this is one hell of a little confection.  Better in the short version that is part of HORROR NETWORK (an extended version is included as an extra) this film does what it does and gets off, leaving you wanting to stagger into the light.

This anthology is a must see when it hits home video Tuesday just in time for Halloween.

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