Sunday, October 25, 2015

Scary Movies 9 is coming Thursday

Something evil from THE CHERRY TREE

Scary Movies, Lincoln Center’s annual selection of Horror movies lands on Friday and it’s a must attend. I say that despite not being sure if I’m going to be attending actual screenings myself, but it’s true, if you love horror films this is the one horror festival in New York you must go to. Its true and has nothing to do with considering Rufus DeRham, one of the programmers a friend, but it has everything to do with the festival running some really good films.

I will be reviewing some of the newer films later in the week but for now I want to mention some of he older films you should see if you’ve never seen them…
Stark terror in THE HALLOW

PAPERHOUSE - Bernard Rose's dark fantasy has a strong cult following and is definitely worth checking out. The film concerns a young girl who is carried off to a house she has drawn when she goes to sleep. There she meets a boy who is disabled. The film is a haunting fantasy about the fine line between reality and make believe. Yes this is out on DVD but see it big anyway.

LAST WINTER Larry Fessenden's Alaska set about the strangeness that is going on in the wilderness. Are the weird things related to global warming, strange creatures or is nature in full on revolt. I think this film is largely dead on great. The problem for me is that there is a point in the last third where things get fudged and the logic of the film snaps breaking the spell.

FRANKENSTEIN (1931) if you've never seen the original Universal classic you must. Its also a must if you've never seen it on the big screen.  While no longer scary it is still a damn fine film.

THE GORGON- Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing taking on Medusa. If the two actors chewing scenery isn't enough, know this is a damn good horror film.

PIECES- I saw this film when it came out in theaters back in 82 or 83. Some people walked out. Some people laughed at it and some of us loved the pure exploitation craziness of a serial killer collecting pieces of women. They don't make insane films like this any more-which is probably a good thing.

SLUGS- from the director of PIECES comes a film about killer slugs mutated by toxic waste. Yesit is exactly what you think only more enjoyable

As for the newer films- look for reviews over the next week- and realize that there are some killer films here.

For tickets and more information go here.
The face of insanity in SHREW'S NEST

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