Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nightcap 10/25/15 We're in another trailer and John and Randi go link crazy

We are quoted once more in a movie trailer. The movie is coming soon and is wonderful.
My Tribeca review is here if you want to see it

The weekly link exchange went crazy this week. After Randi and I exchanged the first bunch of links John unleashed his collection earlier today leaving Randi and I to throw up our hands and say you win.  It was such a big to do that Bully gave John a cupcake and hug calling him The Man.

How to hack the NYC subway
Cultural heritage at risk
A floating city over China
Hunting for trolls
The bodies on Everest
Superheroes in Gotham at the NY Historical Society
Weren't the Muppets always for adults?
Madeleine Albright had to pause filming MADAME SECRETARY to take a call about Iran

And John wins the award for best link finder:

Why was the Battle of the Somme film bigger than Star Wars? (BBC iWonder)

Available to listen on the BBC iPlayer:
Blythe Margaret: Stephen Fry looks back at the life and work of, Margaret Rutherford, one of our finest comedy actors and one of Britain's best-loved box office stars.

Unmade Movies: A BBC radio series dramatizing unproduced screenplays by major authors of the 20th century. This week: Orson Welles' Heart of Darkness.

Screen 6 Special: Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes discusses the music that has featured in his films, from Spectre and Skyfall to Jarhead and American Beauty.

Sound of Cinema: Matthew Sweet introduces music for films exploring the theme of witchcraft. The Classic Score of the Week is Roy Webb's "Cat People".

Maureen O'Hara obituaries
(The Guardian):
(The New York Times):

Why are gambling films so hard to follow? (The Guardian):

Seeing 3-D Cinema From the Stereoblind Perspective (The New York Times):

At NewFest, Movies About Changing Genders and Chasing Love (The New York Times): (our coverage of the fest is here)

Awards season begins, and it’s been a way better movie year than you think (Salon):

Video: A Tribute to the “Magic Hour,” Creator of Cinema’s Most Beautiful Images (Slate)

The History of Horror-Comedy in 11 Crucial Films (Vulture):

Words Cannot Describe How Insane the Kung-Fu Musical Tokyo Tribe Is (Vulture):

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