Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New York FIlm Festival pictures from the last few days- Gondry, Spielberg, Miller, Hanks, Rylance and Ryan

I have many pictures culled from the over 1000at the New York Film Festival  I took over at our Tumblr page. There are also some still from the movies and and stuff as well.  Previously I've done picture psots but the flood of pictures from Sunday and Monday has been too much so here's a smattering of the best ones from the last two days.

If you want to see more go to out Tumblr page and scroll through all the pictures. You can find it here.

Michel Gondry and Gavin Smith talk MICROBE AND GASOLINE
Alan Alda on th BRIDGE OF SPIES red carpet
Steven Spielberg arrives for BRIDGE OF SPIES
Mark Rylance arrives for Bridge of Spies
Amy Ryan's Yellow Dress on the red carpet for BRIDGE OF SPIES
Tom Hanks arrives on the red carpet. Several people whre I was standing had no idea who "the old guy" was until I told them at which point they were impressed and then back tracked to say the hat confused them.
Everyone from BRIDGE F SPIES in the filmmakers box
A standing ovation for Spielberg
Geza Rohrig star of SON OF SAUL
Rebecca Miller introduces her MAGGIE'S PLAN

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