Thursday, October 1, 2015

New York FIlm Festival Projections the Free collections

These are words on the three free collections playing on a loop at the amphitheater at the film center the first weekend in October. Each runs about a half hour total.

COLLECTION A- Plays on October 2
CHUMS FROM ACROSS THE VOID- various people across time and space are connected by narration and song. Meh.

TWO SIGHTS- strobing images to a minimalist score. Very cool

A DISASTER FOREVER- A strange cosmology is explained while see various images. The images are great. The narration not so much

COLLECTION B- Plays on October 3
TERRESTRIAL- a reimagining- of sorts of a train crash at a Chicago airport-or so the material says. I think it's more images of a trip.

NOTE SEM DISTANCIA- The world imagined s negative dream world. Interesting to a point but it goes on much too long

COLLECTION C- Plays on October 4
RABBIT SEASON DUCK SEASON- an examination of the classic Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck cartoon  as philosophy. Very cool.

ALL MY LOVE ALL MY LOVE- (the copy I was given gave my computer fits)

VELVET PEEL 1- real world interacting with digital effect. Its interesting at times.

OM RIDER- anoldman, a wold man, a motorcycle, dice and a keyboard. Its strange animation-in a good way

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