Monday, October 5, 2015

A note about New York Film Festival reviews

Things happen or rather I'm going to lots of public screenings and I am behind on reviews. As it stands now I owe you reviews for the following:

MICROBE AND GASOLINE (Which is really good)
BRIDGE OF SPIES (Which is really good)
SON OF SAUL (Which is very over rated)
MAGGIE'S PLAN (which is really sweet)

plus I have to write something on HELL AND BACK a very funny, very clever adult animated film that barely was released to theaters.

Since all of the NYFF screenings are done except for SON OF SAUL, I'll have those reviews before the festival ends- Saul I hope to have done before it screens.

I also have to put together some picture posts for those of you who haven't gone to our Tumblr page.

The reviews are coming - I just need to stop going to screenings.

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