Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nocturna (2015)

Christmas in New Orleans- the perfect time for vampires to start stealing children don't you think?

NOCTURNA is the story of two police officers who end up battling a clan of vampires who are living on a plantation in the swamps out side New Orleans. The vampires are stealing children for their Christmas dinner. The cops become aware of the vampires when a little girl escapes their clutches and leads them back to their lair. From that point on thing become complicated as promises are made deals are struck and things are not what the cops thought they'd be.

Solid B-movie horror film scores early on by setting thing in motion almost from the start as the conflict between good and evil starts ten or so minutes in and then just gets amped up as the two sides battle and the living begin to find out things they probably didn't want to know.

Well made and well acted I like that the cast plays it all straight. Everyone sells whats going on as if it were a true to life drama. the seriousness helps the film remain compelling all the way to the end.

If there is anything wrong with the film it's that the vampires and some of the other supernatural beings seem more Hollywood affected than real with many of them feeling as though they just came from a cosplay convention rather than living in the real world.

To be  completely honest this film surprised the hell out of me. I got hold of the DVD and I thought I was going to plop it in watch about fifteen minutes and then scan to the end. I truly thought I was going to write a really snarky review and then be done with it.  What happened was I plopped the DVD in started it and said "Hey this is really good". I then stopped the movie and went off to get some popcorn so I could watch the film to the end in style.

The film hits home video (DVD, Bluray and VOD) today and is highly recommended for those looking for a good horror film, especially if you've exhausted all of the recent biggies.

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