Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Hallow (2015) Scary Movies 2015

Slow building terror escalates into outright horror as the things that go bump in the night come to call on a family in an Irish forest.

Sent to investigate a forest for a development company, a scientist and his family are put into great dangers by the creatures that live inside it. They are warned by the locals that something evil is in the woods but they pay it no mind, never thinking that there was probably a reason that there were bars on there new home. Of course there isn't just monsters at work, there are hints of strangeness with zombie fungus and insects that can bore into your brain and take you over dropped through out. Nature's horrors give ways to body horror and finally other worldly horror as the creatures make an appearance.

You have to be willing to go along with this film for about half it's running time.Slowly building characters and setting a mood director Corin Hardy really wants to make his audience as tense as possible before letting loose the hounds of hell. I know the slow build will annoy some audience members who have been weened on horror films that strike early and often. This one doesn't strike early but once it gets going it does do so often.

In reading on the film I have heard some people have called  for a sequel or series of sequels that more fully explore the mythology of the film. While on some level I think that would be extremely cool, more of me is of the opinion that just once I'd like to see a film as cool as this remain a stand alone film where we can try to parse it all out for ourselves instead of having it all explained for us.

This is one of the better horror films of the year and a must see for anyone who likes really scary movies. My advice is keep the lights on for this one, you'll be less frightened.

The film plays tonight at Lincoln Center's Scary Movies (Tickets here), is currently on demand at Direct TV, hits other VOD platforms Thursday and theaters Friday.

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