Sunday, August 21, 2016

42 SECONDS OF HAPPINESS (2016) Women Texas Film Festival

A group of 30 somethings come together on the eve of a hurricane for the wedding of to of the group. But as everyone sits around talking and drinking their feelings come bubbling out threatening to do more damage than the storm.

Flashy low budget drama could have used a little less flash  as the script tries way too hard giving us the unnecessary symbolism of the approaching storm storm and the use of split screen which annoys rather than enlightens. While the cast is most certainly game, they are unfortunately saddled with a screen play which is trying to do too much with a plot has been done to death. Other than the fact that the couple getting married is same sex there isn't anything really new here. This isn't to say it's bad, its not, rather its to say that the cast is much better than the material they are working with and if you see this film it would be to see a bunch of excellent actors going through their paces.

To be perfectly fair I'm the wrong audience for the film. I have a low tolerance for inde drama, especially for ensemble films where friends get together and have revelations about life.  I need something to pull me into the film, I need something special to grab my attention and get me past my resistence and that never happened here.

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