Sunday, August 14, 2016

Killer Party (2014) hits home video Tuesday

Hitting home video Tuesday is KILLER PARTY which originally was called THE SHOWER.

The film begins on the day of a baby shower/party for an expecting couple thrown by their friend. As all he various show biz types show up at the party things begin to go weird. Some sort of situation has occurred just outside of the neighborhood. When one couple tries to leave they are turned back by the police who say something about rioting. Then a neighbor turns up with a bloody knife saying that his wife went berserk and he had to killer. Another neighbor stands in the yard and when confronted beats one of the guest to a bloody pulp. Most terrifying a clown hired to entertain the kids turns psycho. Something is changing people and no one is safe.

Billed as a horror comedy with zombies, the infected aren’t really zombies, rather deranged psychopaths who want to kill. I don’t think anyone who dies actually comes back, its simply people turning as they become infected-for reasons that aren’t always clear. The result is an unnerving sense of tension because you don’t know when someone is going to turn.

The film deftly mixing laughs and chills the film starts off as a behind the lights show biz comedy about show people having a party and it then it switches to horror about 15 minutes in as weird things happen. As things go on they get less funny, but at the same time it manages to produces laughs in unexpected moments. One funny yet chilling moment has a five or six year old girl laughing as she disembowels someone one. Its filmed as a joke, the girl is so gleeful you’d think she were picking daisies instead of intestines, but the laughter catches in your throat.

While not a perfect film, it scores over head and shoulders over the vast majority of recent horror films because you feel that everyone, from top to bottom is behind it. No one is playing for laughs even as they are getting them and it makes this something special. This is a neat little treasure that is exactly the sort of film Unseen was set up to highlight.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes horror films and is sick to death of most the low budget crap out there.

The film hits VOD on Tuesday.

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