Thursday, November 30, 2023


Possible last DC film before the James Gunn remake of the universe concerns Jaime Reyes who bonds with a mystical scarab and becomes the Blue Beetle. As a result he is hunted by the widow of Ted Kord, an earlier Blue Beetle,. Kord's widow wants to use the power of the scarab in order to make a legion of super soldiers.

I know that this film got mixed reviews, but once things were set in motion I had a good time.Xolo Maridueña  is excellent at the Beetle, George Lopez is funny as his uncle and Susan Sarandon is fantastic villain.  This isn't to sell the rest of the cast since they are all great especially Adriana Barraza  as Nana who creates such a kick ass character whose back story we need to hear.

If the film has any problems it's that the film has some bits that are repetitive superhero nonsense (origin, it all reduced to guys in super suits). It's not fatal, after all the cast is that good, but it makes you wonder what this could have been had they been allowed to go free form and not start at the origin.

Regardless of my reservations, this is a fun film and worth a look.

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