Monday, November 13, 2023


Shari Lewis was everywhere for a long while. Through most of my life she and her buddy Lamb Chop were on TV in both adult and kids slots. She brought laughter and learning where ever she went. Her life and achievements are celebrated in the film SHARI AND LAMB CHOP.

Do not let my saying that this film is a by the number retelling make you think that this is a bad film. It is not bad, far from it. This film is instead a glorious celebration of a woman and her life that is so good that it doesn't need a flashy presentation to make it work. Shari and her life was going to shine no matter how it was presented.

Told through clips and interviews we see the good and the bad of Lewis' life. All of the triumphs are here, as are the dark times (her husband had an affair) and the result is a film that isn't as hageographic as you might think.  It's a well rounded picture that makes us love her even more.

You will forgive me for not saying a great deal more, but this is a film that you just need to see. If you are old enough to have run across Lewis and Lamb Chop then you'll want to see the film because of the nostalgia. If you haven't run across her before you'll want to see it because you will see how she influenced TV and performers that followed in her wake.

You will also want to see it because it will make you smile.

What a joy.


I was on the red carpet for the World Premiere and I met Lamb Chop and Shari's daughter Mallory and her whole family. Pictures and report from the magical evening soon.

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