Wednesday, November 15, 2023

ROJEK (2023) DOC NYC 2023

After the fall of the Islamic republic in Syrian Kurdistan the filmmakers interview members of the group and their wives.

Even keeled and very trippy film is a look at how a demonized group of people see the world. It’s a trip to a world that is completely and totally unexpected since for the first time I, and I’m guessing everyone in the audience will be really seeing how this group of people see the world and not in skewed two minute clips from TV news. The view is both more sympathetic and kind of sad in that we get to know these people, and when you step away from the extremist views, seem like nice people. It’s sad in that in listening to them you realize how their world virews have been controlled and manipulated by their leaders, something that is revealed in things that are said like talk of wizards.

I found I was haunted by the film for several days after seeing the film because it opened up the world in completely new ways. The certainty with the way I see the world was shaken and I once again was forced to realize the world is not how I see it. It’s a realization that we all need to make since in a world where hate and mistrust growing, we need to build bridges between differing view points and films like Rojek will do that.

Highly recommended. This is one of DOC NYC’s most important films.

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