Friday, November 10, 2023


Cinematographer Martina Radwan finds herself with three kids from Mongolia after covering a story on abandoned/orphaned kids. It started innocently enough, she returned after finishing her project to see how Baaskaa  was doing. This resulted in her taking steps to make sure that he was cared for. He ended up helping out on a farm outside of one of the cities. Over time Radwan began to care for two more kids,Nasaa and Baani.

I’m torn about how much to tell you because what makes this film so great, aside from the fact that it highlights a number of people who are truly wonderful, is that the ride is so much fun. Taking the ride with Radwan over the six years chronicled in the film is a real trip. Watching as events play out without knowing where it was going made for a much satisfying trip. I say that because everything was a surprise I didn’t know where it would end. That isn’t not to say there is a surprise at the  end, there isn’t, it’s just I liked seeing thing unfold in their own time.

I really like films like this a great deal. In an age where we are flooded with images of the darker side of life and the bad things that people do, it is so nice to see a story about one person trying to do something good and bring a little light into the world.

While this may not be the best film of the year it maybe one of the warmest.

See this film and feel good about humanity.

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