Wednesday, November 15, 2023


Filmmaker Stanislav Kapralov’s parents fled Ukraine with the Russian invasion. During a period of shelling their dog Nika fled from their car and was never seen again. Wishing to help his parents he returned to the area to try and find their pet and ended up becoming a rescuer  of abandoned pets.

We think of the human cost of the war but we don’t think of the cost to pets. This film makes clear the cost to all the animals, from house pets to those in zoos. We see what they have to endure from intentional killing by Russian soldiers to ending up as collateral damage from the fighting.  As heartbreaking as things are for humans, you can’t imagine what it’s like for a pet… though if  and when you see this film you will. This film is utterly heart breaking in many ways.

An it is also hopeful since we see the risks that good hearted people take to rescue the animals.

If you are an animal lover this film is a must see.


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