Sunday, November 12, 2023

FOREVER YOUNG (2023) releases Tuesday

Older woman is given a chance to become young again. When she brings it up to her husband, he declines because he is happy with her run. Undergoing the procedure it upsets the status quo.

This is good small scale drama. Barely a science fiction film it is instead a solid drama exploring , life, regret and our pondering of the roads not taken. It’s a film that throws up a number of intriguing questions that  we will have to ponder at some point in our lives.

Where the film scores is in the cast. Full of stalwart vets, the cast full engagement with the material make this a film we want to see. Say what you will watching  people like Diana Quick, Bernard Hill, Amy Tyger , Mark Jackson, Stephanie Beacham , Anna Wolf, and Julian Glover taking a spin across the screen is enough for me. I particularly love Bernard Hill’s turn, particularly in the later part of the film. He brought some tears to my eyes, as he should.

While not the most earthshaking of films, it does entertain and it does move us and as such the film is recommended.

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