Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Tales From the Rez (2023) and Cloud Striker (2023) Blood in the Snow


CLOUD STRIKER is the short playing with TALES FROM THE REZ

What happens when a First Nation father goes to reclaim his child from a Christian school.

I’ve ran across this short at another festival and it’s a really good tale of revenge.

Several episodes of horror set in the Native American community (hence the title).

This is closer to TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE as opposed to TWILIGHT ZONE or TALES FROM THE CRYPT. For me that’s a big selling point since while I love those other shows, DARKSIDE always felt warm and inviting in a scary sort of a way. There was never the mean spiritedness of some of the CRYPT stories or the intellectual pretentions of ZONE.

These are some great stories. They have great set ups that quietly hook us an d pull us in. The first story for example is set up by a guy in a chair sitting and talking to us before the story kicks in , the next thing we know we’re hip deep in the creepy stuff, with an great pay off….

And yes I am being intentionally not forth coming with details. I am doing so because to say anything is to risk spoilers and one of the joys for me was not having any clue about what the story was or how many. With compilations like this am frequently guilty of using the plots and number of stories to work out when the pay off is coming. With TALES FROM THE REZ I went in blind and just let it all was over me. That’s the way to do it.

My refusal to say anything aide, TALES FROM THE REZ is a joy. I had a grand time watching the tales. I want more.

The collection is highly recommended.

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