Friday, November 10, 2023


Portrait of 91 year old Bill Baird who has been fighting the good fight for decades and is now having to turn the struggle over to the younger generations. Baird was fighting for Women's Right, Gay Rights and every other freedom decades before anyone else ever thought to do so. He was out there fighting the the good fight all alone because he realized some one had to. Magnificent celebration of the life and times of a true patriot. Fighting for the things he felt was right he was never afraid of saying what hat to be said or going to jail. Baird knew that sometimes being in jail allowed him to make the change that needed to be made. 

Not shying away from anything we see the good and the bad. We see his wins and losses. Most importantly we see how his work lead to greater things and how some people tried to take him down (Betty Friedan accused him of being a CIA operative) and failed.

In an age where people are trying to restrict our rights for their benefit being reminded of Baird and his achievements is something we need since it allows us to see change can come. It's also a stark reminder that the freedoms we are fighting for are not so for one thing or another, but simply the right to live our lives the way we see fit and not with impositions placed on us by governments or religious zealots.

This is a great film and one that we need today.

Highly recommended.

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