Friday, November 10, 2023

The Disappearance of Shere Hite (2023) DOC NYC 2023

When I was at an impressionable age Shere Hite and her book The Hite Report were everywhere. Her study about female sexuality hit a nerve and everyone was reading it- though not always openly. The book pushed the sexual revolution farther along because it revealed things no one was talking about. Over time Hite kind of slowly faded away.  The movement she started over took her in some ways. Her pale look and strawberry red hair have haunted me for decades.

This is a return to a less enlightened time when then things were getting freer but at the same time no one wanted to talk about sex. Yes, everyone wanted to hear what Hite had to say, but at the same time her critics were going to try and shut her up because of “bad research” (which it really wasn’t). Hite was a disrupter of the best sort, a smart young woman who knew her stuff and who was upsetting the mainstream with well researched facts. The patriarchy didn’t know how to react to her, and they probably still wouldn’t.

I liked this film. I liked that while the film explains what happened to Hite, who really did largely disappear after a while, it makes you wish she hadn’t gone away.

Worth a look

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