Friday, November 17, 2023

The Blood In The Snow 2023 Curtain Raiser

One of the great festivals of the year- and the one that has been the final one on my calendar for every year since 2017 BLOOD IN THE SNOW CANADA is happening starting Monday.  It’s a wonderful collection of horror and related genre films that has introduced me to any number of favorite films and filmmakers.

As in past year it's a handful of features and a large selection of shorts playing in collections and with more shorts playing with the features. As in past years the selections are  choice and you need to see them all.

As always the festival is full of some of the best films you'll see all year. Some of my favorites:

T-BONE- a funny tale of a car accident that will crush your soul.

TWIGS AND TWINE- about a camping trip with a sinister purpose

CORDELIA is a film that is scary and needs to be a feature film

Both RED IRON ROAD films are great for different reasons

WALKING SUPPLY is a tense thriller about a prison escape into a snowy wilderness. Get popcorn and go.

TALES OF THE REZ is for anyone who misses Tales From The Dark Side

COLD LIGHT is a kick ass short with more plot then 3 features. You will not see where it’s going.

But its all good…. Or as much as I’ve seen. I say that not because I’m lazy but simply because in covering the festival remotely I was not given access to everything. That said I will be reviewing everything I was sent with the exception of ROMI  which was good but which I couldn't fashion a review I was happy with (I would rather simply say its good, then produce a word salad that makes you think it isn't).

And that its for now if you can go to the festival. If not check back here tomorrow as I start dropping reviews.

For more information and tickets go here

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