Monday, November 13, 2023

Jesszilla (2023) DOC NYC 2023

I went into this portrait of teen boxer Jesselyn Silva blind. I had loved the short film that played DOC NYC a few years back so this was high on my must see list for the festival. I was not disappointed and completely blindsided by the turn of events in the film.

The film is the story of Silva as she trains for and competes in the boxing tournaments for girls her age. She is a kick ass young woman with a drive that most men don’t have. She is a fighter in the truest sense of the word and watching her compete is so much fun. What isn’t so much fun and kind of shocking is the turn the story takes not long after her appearance in one of the competitions she is diagnosed with cancer. I was not prepared for what happened or how Jess is forced to take a new course in life. Jess being Jess I’m certain this will lead to bigger and better things. (And I hope we get to visit her again in a few years)

I’m not sure what to say. This is just a great film. It’s good time with great people. It’s a wonderful portrait of a young woman

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