Saturday, November 11, 2023

Neirud (2022) DOC NYC 2023

Fernanda Roth Faya looks into the life of her "aunt" Neirud. Always part of her family but not having any clear familial connection to the other members of her family Faya sought to find out what exactly the connection was and to look into her families connection to circuses.

This is exactly the sort of a documentary that I love. It’s a film that begins with a simple premise, in this case filmmaker Faya trying to find out about her aunt, and then it shoots off into unexpected directions. We not only get the story of Faya's family, but also an unexpected love story and on top of it we get to see what happens when some one runs away to join the circus. It’s an eye opening tale that makes you smile, makes you get misty and moves us to feel something more than just “I like this film”.  What a wonderful unexpected delight.

This is the sort of film we need more of, films that unlock stories we always wanted to know but never knew we needed to hear.

One of the delights of DOC NYC.

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