Monday, November 13, 2023

Obsessed With Light (2023) DOC NYC 2023

If you ever wonder who thought of dances where the dancer manipulates long sleeves of fabric into billowing tornadoes of waves of color the name of the person was Loïe Fuller, who changed popular culture as we know it with her serpentine dances. This film is a look at the life of Fuller as well as an exploration of the influence she has on dance and performances from then until now.

This is a glorious film filled with wondrous things. There are great stories here and even more amazing images. Watching all of the performers turn simple cloth into jaw dropping images is just beyond words.

To be honest I was not going to cover this film but Unseen Films founding member Eden asked me if I saw the film because it sounded interesting. If Eden says something is interesting I instantly take notice and I pursued getting an opportunity to see it. I’m glad I did because the film really knocked my socks off.

I can’t recommended this film enough. Yes it has some great stories, mostly it has just some cool things you’ll want to see.


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