Monday, November 13, 2023

Someone Lives Here (2023) DOC NYC 2023

Khaleel Seiwright built small one room Tiny Shelters for homeless people trying to survive the winter in Toronto during a bitterly cold winter in Toronto during the Covid lockdown. As he tried to actually help people with movable homes that can actually keep the homeless safe and warm, the city took steps to stop him.

This film is going to piss you off. What starts out as a great film about a great idea, small mobile houses that are warmed by body heat and can keep people safe and warm, turns into a nightmare as Toronto does everything it can to stop Seiwright from actually making a difference. They don't want to help anyone, they just want the homeless to go somewhere else. You will want to fly to Toronto and burn the city down by the end. 

This is a sad film whose story is being repeated across America. No one wants the homeless near them because they will bring down property values. DO any of the people actually help the homeless, of course not they just want them moved. The film clearly charts the official bullshit via the use of videos and recorded phone calls which show how the city declares the shelters dangerous, despite never inspecting them, and how the homeless are being told that all they need to do is ask for help at any time in order to received it only to find that not only do they have to call during certain hours, there actually is no help for them.

Some one needs to kick these people square in the nuts.

This is a vital and important film because it explains why cities and states will never really solve the homeless problem and that some other means of getting people into real homes needs to be found.

Highly recommended.

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