Friday, November 24, 2023

Chopping Mall (1986) Thanksgiving Turkey



A Jim Wynorski directed dog of a film it’s the film where I realized he is a crappy director because he more often than not is a good filmmaker who just doesn’t care about logic and reason in his plotting.

The plot of the film  has group of people staying in a Mall to party and being confronted by the new armed robot security which have become psychotic.

None of it makes any sense beginning with people partying in the Mall on a Friday night and not worrying about having to clean anything up until  Monday (no one shops on  Saturday and Sunday?) to the robots just starting to kill people because…of nothing.

While the cast is excellent, the script is stupid. It’s so awful that my brother and I seriously considered leaving the drive in Monsterama early because we hated it so much. (Actually several people I talked with before the screening questioned why it was being run because it was so bad and because it’s on constant rotation on several streaming services.

Utter trash

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