Tuesday, November 14, 2023


This is a look at the industry that has been set up to cater to Chinese woman who come to the US in order to have their children have American citizenship upon their birth. It’s a look at everyone involved from drivers, cooks, nannies, “hotel” owners and the women themselves.

I’m not certain what I think of this film. While I am mixed on the film itself, owing to it giving us a lot of people and a lot of information in a jam packed 115 minutes, I am somehow deeply troubled by the concept at the heart of the film, namely having a kid in America just so it can have citizenship. While I am all for immigration, America is after all a country of immigrants, we are all from somewhere else, I’m not certain  how I feel about people coming here for a short time just to have a kid.  Its not that these people are coming to America for a better life but there is something else.  It’s that something else that kind of hangs with me since in an age where everyone is trying to keep people who honestly and truly want a better life the idea of citizen tourism sticks in craw. That may not be what the director Leslie Tai was hoping to have me come away with but that’s what I took away.

My uncertainty or not  about the film it did strike a cord and as such I can’t not  recommended it since odds are it’s going to get you to think and feel.

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