Saturday, November 11, 2023

Uncropped (2023) DOC NYC


UNCROPPED is one of my favorite films of DOC NYC and probably 2023 as well.

A low key portrait of photographer James Hamilton the film is full of great pictures (which look incredible on a big screen) and great stories that will make you laugh and smile and wonder why you never thought to do that.

The film is a more or less straight telling of Hamilton’s life as he sits around with and without friends and tells stories.  We hear of his faking getting a press pass at a rock festival, fumbling his way into getting jobs at various magazines, his time at the Village Voice and so on. Along the way he tells stories about meeting various celebrities (he just called up Alfred Hitchcock and ended up going to tea) shooting celebrities (he loves to get candids that reveal more than the cleverly posed picture) and tales of life itself. In fact there are so many stories here that you are going to watch this film two or three more times just to try and remember them all.

I loved this film.

This is my favorite sort of biographic documentary, the one where it feels like you’re hanging out with your really cool friend and he’s just telling you really cool story after really cool story.

You need to see this- preferably on a big screen if possible,

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