Sunday, November 26, 2023

Nightcap 11/26/23 - Notes to the end of the year

Before Marvel gets nuts, thats from the Marvels trailer

Just a couple of quick notes about the next five or six weeks.

First I will get the the SHARI AND LAMB CHOP red carpet report up. The piece is written, the problem is the photos I took I so big that even compressed the website is having problems.


Today's post (with NYAD and The KILLER) was written a few weeks back, before I was slammed with FYC screeners and screenings. It actually fits into what is going to be the majority of the next month, which is catch up reviews. I'm seeing so much right now that the reviews are going to run a while after I see them- except in the case of December releases where they will run timed to the release.

If you want to have an inkling as to what is coming then be sure to be following on Twitter and Blue Sky since I am posting as I watch there.


I am working on my first NYFCO ballot.  I expect almost none of my choices to advance on to be the final pick, but I'm staying true to myself and saying what I think is the best


Working on my year end lists and they are longer than usual. The Best of the Best list is almost all short films and genre titles.


I finally started to put some things together to try and do a podcast. I'm trying to see if I can get the trial meeting together to make it work. The problem is we are all all over the place.


I wasn't thinking about the Unseen Film Awards this year- hell I wasn't expecting to be actually reviewing new releases right now- however a couple of regular voters asked what form the awards would take  because they wanted to know if they had seen enough films.

I'm considering and will make a decision in the next day or so.


For now that's it.  

This week look for more catch up reviews, new releases, and coverage of the final festival for me of 2023, Dances With Films New York - which will have a curtain raiser go up shortly.

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