Saturday, November 11, 2023

Who's Behind Black Art?(2023) DOC NYC

Four part  docuseries  about five up and coming black artists. The subjects are Tae Ham, Jewel Ham, Adrian Armstrong,Lauena Fineus, Mario Joyce and the film tells us they story, shows us their art and explains why they are going to be successful.

This is a great series. I don't normally watch a whole series at one time but this is just so good I watched it from start to finish in one go. Blame it on the series focusing on five great people whose stories speak volumes about more the art world.

To me this is one of the best documentaries I've seen on the art world because it connects the art, the artists and the real world together. Why does art matter? This film/series will explain it to you perfectly - it can change people's lives for the better. 

I can't recommend this series enough.

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